March Message from the President
Press Releases


Congratulations to Augustin, Ray and Eric for being elected to the 2015 ICG Board of Directors. Thank you to John D., Jeff S., for running for the BOD. Our membership had a lot of good choices in these elections and once again put a great Team together to lead our organization.

Our BOD Members/Officers for 2015 are as follows:
Augustin Sanchez
Ken Collins
Jacques Intriere
Cleve Porter - Secretary
Ray Tomaszewski - Treasurer
Gerald Friz - European VP
Eric Ng - Asian VP
Frank Viola - US VP
Eddie Smith - President

The new BOD will meet for the first time next month.

Our 2016 COY Task Force has already had their first meeting, look for application Procedures/Timelines to be posted shortly. We will have an independent Fitter of the Year Award depending on participation in the program. If not the Fitter will be combined with the COY and Fitter Certification will provide extra points for that program.

Now is the time to sign up for the ICG Certification programs! We will also be announcing some specials on both our Certification programs to help get everyone involved. Please note, the practical exam for both Fitting and Clubmaking are now designed to be used in the COY/Fitting award programs, helping to streamline the application process for our Members.

Last month with the help from Neil In the UK, and Gerald Friz our European VP's, leadership we ran a membership special in Europe (offering Eurpean Clubmakers the same PGA Show Special we ran in January). The result was a gain in Membership of 50+/- for the ICG! We are currently just under 300 members. The success of this program has lead us to run a similar program in Asia. Eric Ng our Asian VP will be leading this project and we already have early returns on investment.

We are looking for volunteers to review our By-Laws and make recommendations, to ensure our Charter is up to date and functional with today's ICG. Please note this is only a review and if any changes were/are recommended it would be put to a vote of the Membership. I have spoken with (via email) Steve Newton our former President and he has agreed to be a part of the team. Again we are looking for volunteers to for a small Task Force, that will be focused and productive. If you are interested please email me with any background you have or can bring to the table in this type venture.

As always Frank has a great lineup coming for our Webinars, with Tour Edge on tonight and much more to come!

Remember, you may be sitting on the next big thing for the ICG, share your thoughts, ideas and expertise! Together,