January Message from the President
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So what is next?

First I would like to welcome all of our New Members, Sponsors and renewing members. We look forward to working together to further the Clubmaking/Fitting profession, your businesses and the ICG.

We started a journey almost a year ago, with the idea in mind, that the focus should be on the profession of Clubmaking and Fitting as opposed to the individuals within that group. Our goal was to elevate the profession, with the hope the individuals would join us along the way.

We started to realize this goal by mid morning of the Demo-Day Event. Those who were there at 6 am shared quite a moment of reflection as we were busy setting up the ICG Display. There was a pause when everything was ready, and it hit everyone there, that we were on the verge of either something great or, well maybe not so great. Fortunately that moment was short lived and the game was on, not only for that Day but the entire week.

While there we had the luxury of meeting with great people and companies within the Golf Industry. Discussing the value of Clubmaking/Fitting and the people within the ICG who bring this service to Golfers Worldwide. OEM's, OED's, Launch Monitor Companies, and much more. Trust me when I say I am sure the Callaway Proponent Program started with discussions similar to what we had with other companies at the PGA Show. Time will tell if these discussions pay off.

Though focused on the profession, the people made the event. The moment we inducted Jerry Hoefling into the ICG Hall of Fame will not be forgotten, certainly never erased from my mind nor anyone else who was there. The induction of Ely Callaway was another hallmark event. A bonding moment between Clubmakers/Fitters and a truly dominant manufacturer, bringing both worlds together, focusing on the profession.

The ICG Clubmaker of the Year Awards were a great success. Many thanks to Jerry Hoefling (COY Committee Chair) and his team, Ken Collins, Bob Uebelhor, and Jacques Intriere. Our Asian/European presence, both in these Awards and at the Show in general was amazing. It was also noticed by everyone in the industry, Sponsors and Members alike.

Our winners were:
WorldWide COY Eric Ng
European Coy Augustin Sanchez
North American COY Eddie Smith
Midwest COY Ray Tomaszewski
Southwest COY Jerry Howard
German COY Gerald Friz
South Carolina Patrick Blair

The ICG Distinguished Service Award was going to be an obvious event. Anyone who participates in the ICG knew who deserved and received this event. Frank Viola is a man, a Clubmaker/Fitter like the rest of us, but he is also a force. Not just within the ICG but the industry itself.

Our New Website was working overtime, signing up new members, sponsors and providing a solid home for the ICG. This singular change to a new website, set the foundation for the entire organization. In reality our "New" Site saved the ICG when our old Website stalled and began to spiral into the abyss. It was Jacques Intriere who came to the BOD with a name, Memberclicks, and suggested we spend some money and create an entirely new platform for the ICG. He has spent countless hours since then, along with Gerald Friz to give us the opportunity to showcase our members, while focusing on the profession.

So, what is next? Well initially a little rest. Then we have Elections coming up with nominations coming next month. There are 3 BOD positions that will be decided this year. Then we are off with the 2015 Golf Season and the coming 2016 PGA Show. We hope to address our Training and Certification programs this year. Working with video and members to further enhance our member experience.

When asked, why should I join/renew with the ICG?
We have an answer, Education, Certification, Member/Sponsor Benefits, and Industry Leading Presence at the PGA Show, all focused on furthering the Profession of Clubmaking and Fitting.

Are You Member Yet?

Eddie Smith